What is the GWC all about?

We aim to educate, empower and inspire women teetering on the edge of Mount Olympus by providing information on Greek marriagetraditionslanguagehealth and wellbeing and much more. Whether you are looking to start up your own business, write your own Greek themed book, book a holiday to the Greek islands or simply want to learn more about the Greek culture, we are here to help.

Do I have to be Greek to join in?

Absolutely not. We welcome anyone with a genuine interest in the Hellenic realm.

I’m an author, how can you help me?

Have you written a book with a Greek theme or where the plot is based in Greece or with Greek characters? The Greek Wives Club is mad about reading and we love coming across new/old authors who are either Greek themselves or write about Greek-related topics.

I am getting married to a Greek man. What advise would you give me?

Commis…er…congratulations! Find out all you need to know about Greek Relationships or how to Plan your Greek Wedding on our website.

I am having problems with my husband’s Greek family. What should I do?

Marrying into a family who have strong traditional beliefs can be difficult sometimes, particularly if one party is slightly more modern or open minded. If you need to speak to a counsellor or want to hear how others cope check out our section on Marriage Guidance.

I want to learn to speak Greek. Can you help?

Professional Stella Bompotsiari is head of Greek Lessons Online which offers a variety of private and group courses for all levels. Or you can check out our list of language specialists and children’s Greek schools in the Learn Greek section.

I am looking to socialise with Greek people. Where should I go?

Are you a Greek looking for fellow Greeks to hang out with? Or a non-Greek looking to learn how to smash a plate or two? Our list of various Greek social networking sites and events should help you reach out to other Hellenophiles in your area.

How can I advertise my business with you?

The Greek Wives Club is passionate about helping to promote those with links to the Hellenic world and we are particularly interested in hearing from female-driven businesses, entrepreneurs, authors, and more.

We can help you advertise your business / company / blog through our social media outreach. Please contact us for more details.

Can you review my products?

Our founder Ekaterina Botziou has various social media platforms where she can review and promote products. Contact Ekaterina here.


If you would like to ask us a question please get in touch or email us directly thegreekwivesclub@outlook.com