Remembering the Fallen

Remembering the Fallen

Remembering the Fallen

What are we but scattered leaves?

Fallen from the wilting trees,

Bursting forth with untamed lust,

Then withering into the dust,

Mortal men live life in haste,

On the battlefield we waste

Away into the crust of Earth,

Doomed to perish from our birth,

In sleep’s eternal arms we lie,

Forever watching from the sky,

Immortal fame cannot be reached,

Unless the walls of man be breached,

Only the brave will be restored,

If met by death and armed with sword

He fights until the stars burn out

With dignity, no shred of doubt

Must pierce his heart or quell his mind,

For selfish thoughts make mortals blind

To love and honour, peace and trust,

The soul lives on but bones will rust,

Leaving the dark abyss behind,

The stout of heart will rise aligned

Beside the stars of spirits of old,

For destiny is still foretold

And only those who have gone before,

Will live in memory for ever more.


This poem is featured in my novel – Theseus & the Mother-in-Law and other Myths & Legends



    • EBotziou
      11th August 2014 / 12:15 pm