Top 10 Reasons to Love being 30!

Top 10 Reasons to Love being 30!

Well I couldn’t turn 30 without finding 10 reasons to love about it! So here goes!


You’re no longer the baby…

In your twenties, everyone refers to you as the ‘baby’ – ‘Oh you’re still a baby’ is a familiar phrase. Of course, this can be very sweet but for those working in professional environments it can also be very patronising. When you hit 30 people (usually) take you more seriously as you are seen to have more life experience and thus must be more mature (ye right!).


You know your style…

Ok so this might not apply to everyone, but hopefully by 30 you know what suits you and what doesn’t, what flatters your body shape and what you should steer completely clear of, and which vintage pieces from your youth are socially acceptable to keep in your wardrobe.


You’re probably in the prime of your looks…

You’ve got your style sorted and your skin has never looked better – the tweenage spots have gone, you’ve perfected your eyebrow shape (!) and you’ve finally tamed the hair. Just ignore those wrinkles.


You know who your friends are…

Whether they’ve been there since primary school or you’ve met a whole new batch of close knit pals through work, you know who you can rely on now. I rarely have time to see many of my friends these days, but I know that the ones I can call at any time or not see for a while and simply pick up where we left off are the friends who truly have my back.


You’ve made mistakes and learned from them…hopefully…

Whether that be in your career or personal life, you’re now older and wiser and each new experience makes you a better person.


You’ve accepted your faults…

What is the point of worrying if you’re not the best at something? It’s simply a waste of time. By now you will know your strengths and your weaknesses in most areas of your life and can work on what you want to improve without comparing yourself to others.


Nights in are bliss…

You’ve realised that it’s ok to not be out every weekend – you need the extra rest now anyway and there are so many boxsets to get through!


Nobody messes with you and gets away with it…

Whereas in your younger years you might have stayed quiet when someone put you down or dismissed your ‘immature’ opinion, you can now make a stand and be respected for it. You are no longer a child being told off by a teacher at school. If someone has a problem with you, you can discuss it maturely, adult to adult.


You’ve achieved so much…

So you might not yet be married, or have children, or have the dream job/house you want, BUT you’ve finished school and probably further education whether that be a degree, or training, AND got some experience on the job front. You might have settled down already and have a family, or you’ve managed to secure your finances and buy a property. Look at what you have achieved. Everything else is coming soon.


It’s not 40!

Let’s just state the obvious here. In the eyes of many, 30 is still very young. So let’s partay!



  1. 6th April 2017 / 6:23 am

    I’m way past 30 *waves to the abyss behind her* but I’m still the baby of the family and NO ONE will let me forget it. Can you say patronizing?

    Fun post – thanks for sharing!

    • Ekaterina
      6th April 2017 / 7:14 am

      Haha! So glad you enjoyed it! X