Book review! Waiting for Aegina by Effie Kammenou

A while ago we were kindly sent a PAPER COPY (woop woop!!!) of  the latest book by talented Greek author Effie Kammenou and we were hooked from the start!

Waiting for Aegina‘ is the second book in Effie’s ‘The Gift Saga‘ following the immensely popular ‘Evanthia’s Gift‘. Influenced by Effie’s heritage, both books are set against a beautiful Greek backdrop and combine love and romance with the poignant emotions of a coming of age drama.

In this second outing, the story continues to follow the life of Sophia as she enters middle age and has to face certain demons from her past. Familiar faces (or imagined faces in a reader’s case!) from the first book return to bring colour and drama to each chapter and the story itself goes even deeper into the lives of its main characters.

‘Waiting for Aegina’ is far grittier than ‘Evanthia’s Gift’ but it is no less beautifully written and once again Effie’s amazing ability to bring the Greek setting to life with just a few carefully chosen words will have you wanting to dive straight into the page.

The inclusion of several secret recipes at the beginning of chapters is just another gem that Effie has thrown in.

If you loved ‘Evanthia’s Gift’ you will absolutely want to read ‘Waiting for Aegina’ and if you haven’t then we definitely recommend that you get your copy of the first book because in no time at all you will want to read the second…and the third which we can’t wait for!

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