Children’s Book 5 – EYE OF THE CYCLOPS – OUT NOW!

Children’s Book 5 – EYE OF THE CYCLOPS – OUT NOW!

Hello all! I am very excited to announce that I have just published my FIFTH Greek mythological children’s book in the Omicron chapter series:

BOOK 5 The Adventures of Omicron: Eye of the Cyclops

Omicron’s quest to prove his worth to the gods takes a turn for the worst when Hades steals the key to the gates of Tartarus. The Lord of the Underworld will stop at nothing to wreak havoc on Mount Olympus and Omicron must find a way to save the Olympians. With the help of Circe the Witch Goddess and Brontes the Cyclops, Omicron hatches a daring rescue mission, but a visit from a reluctant Greek hero threatens their plans.Who will help Omicron return to Mount Olympus? And will he reach his friends in time?

The book is available in paperback and kindle from Amazon worldwide:

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It would be wonderful if you could share the book with friends and family who may have children or grandchildren who enjoy early chapter books. Also if you enjoy the book I would really appreciate it if you could take a moment to leave a short review online.

Don’t forget that all my other books are still available on Amazon worldwide.

Take care my friends and thanks for reading!

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