Helping others with the Alkionides Charity

The GWC is all about helping to provide information and support to anyone, particularly women, involved in Greek-related projects or life-experiences and when we came across the Alkionides Charity who provide relief for Cypriot families facing severe financial and medical hardship, we  felt sure that our readers would want to know more and be involved.

Alkionides Charity was founded in Cyprus in 1998 with the aim of providing relief to families facing severe financial and medical hardship and in co-operation with the Welfare services. ‘Alkionides’ are the Halcyon days, the calm bright days in the midst of winter that, according to Greek myth, the Gods gave to the kingfishers to enable them to hatch their eggs on the rocks. In the same way, the charity aim to brighten the days of these families. Alkionides UK was registered in 2008 to support low-income families from Cyprus undergoing medical treatment in UK hospitals.

The charity is a non-profit, charitable organisation. It consists of dedicated volunteers who give their time and effort in order to help Cypriot families who travel to the UK for essential medical care that is not available in Cyprus. These families face enormous expenses and trying times. In March 2010 the charity founded the ‘Alkionides nest’, a shelter for disadvantaged Cypriot patients in central London. The ‘nest’ is close to the most widely used hospitals and provides a homely environment, including Internet and Cypriot television; in this way it has become a home-from-home. The Charity covers the cost of the rented accommodation. Members visit regularly to provide emotional support and often help with transport and translation services. *

Funds are raised with the help of generous sponsors and by organising cultural events and social functions. If you want to be involved there are many ways you can help for example by becoming a member, volunteering or becoming a sponsor.

You can find out more about the charity on their website and other social media links below.




Alkionides is a wonderful organisation and their message is clear: Even during the rainy days of life we are here to give strength and courage, no matter how difficult things are.

* Text provided by the Alkionides Charity website

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